#Straatbraai: Boksburg brings families together after heavy rains

#Straatbraai: Boksburg brings families together after heavy rains

On Friday, a heavy rainstorm hit Boksburg and the team almost cancelled the #Straatbraai. 

Boksburg #Straatbraai

A heavy rainstorm hit Boksburg on Friday and the team decided to cancel the #Straatbraai. 

At 16:00, the rain cleared up and the Scenic Drive team decided to continue with the party. 

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The people started streaming to the street - and there was no stopping anyone from having a great time. 

Our last #Straatbraai for this year will be on the 6th of December and we are looking for someone to host the biggest #Straatbraai of the year. 

We are also looking at areas in Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, and Mpumalanga - so please feel free to mail us if you want to host us. You can reach us at [email protected]

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