Stubborn woman drives right into runners during a race

Stubborn woman drives right into runners during a race

Road closures are always frustrating, but this British woman handled the traffic in the wrong way.

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When your usual route is blocked for some kind of event or race, it can be inconvenient, to say the least. You may find yourself wishing that the runners could stick to the pavement so that you can continue your journey as normal. 

Unfortunately, you don't always get what you wish for. 

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Unless, of course, you are this particularly irate woman from Devon in the United Kingdom. Disregarding various traffic cones and traffic signs, the woman drove right into the middle of the Ocean City Half Marathon. 

One man tried to stop her, while another reportedly shouted that she "could have killed someone" with her reckless driving. The woman stood her ground.

The woman was heard saying that she had tried "every which way" to get around the race and that she was late for a workshop. 

The runners berated her for her inconsiderate behaviour. 

The race ended without incident or injury.

There is no word on whether the woman arrived on time for her workshop after all. 

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