Successful businessman Zunaid Moti talks about FuturExotics in Sandton

Successful businessman Zunaid Moti talks about FuturExotics in Sandton

South African businessman and philanthropist, Zunaid Moti, spoke about his upbringing, success and new business. 

Zunaid Moti
Supplied/ Zunaid Moti

Zunaid Moti, Chairman of the Moti Group, is unquestionably one of the most successful businessmen in South Africa. The story of his rise from humble beginnings to success is simply inspirational.

Moti grew up in a home where money was always tight. Moti would wash the school's bus on weekends so that they can travel to school and back. 

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Moti never focused on the negative and believed that he will be a success. Through pure tenacity, a bit of cheekiness, and developing a deep relationship with his mentor, he made over R40 million from selling shares in a business just before his 22nd birthday.

Ultimately, Moti believes that an entrepreneur is someone who has been backed into a corner, with no options, and thus needs to make a plan in order to support themselves and their family.

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That, according to Moti, is why entrepreneurship is rife in Zimbabwe, whereas for many, building entrepreneurship in South Africa, whilst an economic imperative, still isn’t a matter of life and death. 

Now, Moti is launching FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium on Sandton Drive in Gauteng.

According to the brochure, it is a “custom-built lifestyle venue featuring the world’s finest in exotic vehicles, marine and aviation — a lifestyle enhancer that includes not only high-class products but also financing, sparing you the cost of the middleman. All under one roof."

Moti joined the Scenic Drive to talk about his childhood upbringing, success and the brand new FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium in Sandton. 

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Image: Supplied/ Junaid Moti

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