Sweden has the world's first 'electrified road'
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Sweden has the world's first 'electrified road'

Engineers in Sweden have just opened the world's first electrified road; it will charge electric cars as they drive along it. 

battery charging road
InTheKnow/A stretch of road in Stockholm charges electric cars.

Sweden recently opened a two-kilometre stretch of electrified road near Stockholm, offering drivers of battery-powered trucks and cars an innovative way to charge their cars on the go. 

The electrical rail embedded in the road charges vehicles as they drive over it and disconnects when the vehicle stops. 

The Swedish government's roads agency hopes to expand the project to other parts of the country. 

The electrified road has the potential to change how the government monitors the efficiency of electric vehicles


: "The system is able to calculate the vehicle’s energy consumption, which enables electricity costs to be debited per vehicle and user."

The electrified road is the latest in Sweden's efforts to achieve their target of "independence from fossil fuel by 2030".

With the implementation of new ideas like this, it appears the country is well on its way to achieving that goal. 

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