Siyabulela Deli brings the fire to the SA comedy scene!

TaFire is ready to set the SA comedy scene alight!

Siyabulela Deli has set social media on fire with his skits that use humour to imitate different races.

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Siyabulela Deli (21) is an actor, comedian and presenter from Port Elizabeth who has gained internet fame as "TaFire". As TaFire, Siyabulela makes 60-second skits in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa to accommodate all races.

The first TaFire skit was inspired by a 2016 episode of the consumer rights television show, Speak Out. TaFire made a video titled "Imbiza" to respond to the internet meme. 

With the raging popularity of the Speak Out episode, TaFire saw an opportunity to show off his skills.

“I have always had a passion for comedy, and this was my chance to showcase my talent. Social media gave me great feedback with the skits, and I currently have over 100 000 followers who laugh and share these skits daily. Most people say that they often camp on my page to see the next video”, says TaFire.

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Earlier this year he did a short video for Burger King that received over 2,500 shares and likes on Facebook.

TaFire makes videos that imitate how mothers from different races react to the things their children do. These videos try to draw attention and add humour to daily situations that we hardly take notice of or find funny.

Here's how different parents relate to their children failing tests at school:

If you have ever wondered what Christmastime is like in your neighbour's household, TaFire has got you covered:

Relationship dynamics are very tricky to navigate, no matter where you come from:

How you react to news of an unexpected pregnancy says a lot about who you are:

TaFire relates to everyone because of his township life experience and Model C education. TaFire aims to please and wants to deliver nothing but the best.
Laughter is said to be the best medicine, and that’s the medicine TaFire looks to deliver at all costs.

He will be talking to Rian on 21 November about his passion for acting and how he finds renewed inspiration for his videos. 

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