Takeaway Wednesday: Quick 'n' Easy Pizzabroodjies

Takeaway Wednesday: Quick 'n' Easy Pizzabroodjies

Whip this meal up before anyone can say "what's for dinner?"

japie's pizzabroodjies
Jacaranda FM/MorneJK

Looking for a quick and easy dinner for your family tonight? Look no further than Japie Lewis's Pizzabroodjies. 

All you need is a loaf of bread, some butter and the toppings of your choice to bring this meal to life. Here's how you can make the treat at home. 

japie serves pizzabroodjies
Japie and his family make a meal out of the pizzabroodjies by adding an assortment of sides./Supplied/Japie Lewis
How to make pizzabroodjies

-              Take slices of bread and place them on a baking tray
-              Butter both sides
-              Spread tomato base on the bread
-              Add viennas, mushrooms, and cheese (ingredients may vary depending on what you have in the fridge)
-              Add origanum (pizza spice)
-              Bake on 100° C for 5 minutes and then 120° C until the cheese is nice and brown

Quick and easy and delicious with a salad on the side

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