Things that make South Africa unique - Canadian living in SA explains

Things that make South Africa unique - Canadian living in SA explains

Ever wondered how others experience South Africa? A Canadian explains what makes South Africa unique...

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Let's be honest, South Africa is a very unique country. 

We have over 11 official languages, we make fun of our President and ministers, we eat bunny chows that have nothing to do with real bunnies, and we call a traffic light a 'robot.' And let's not forget about our men wearing short shorts...

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On Monday, the Scenic Drive asked listeners what makes South Africa unique - and this is what they had to say: 

11 different languages but we all use the same descriptive or expressive words, "eish" "lekker" "neh".

For the entire month of December, the whole country just…shuts down. Don’t plan to get anything done until January.

We say garage and not petrol station.

We use the word "shame" in many different contexts. My favourite: "Ag shame, that's so cute."

Canadian blogger,  Phil Maloney, has been living in South Africa for almost four years after he moved to Pretoria with his family. Phil has experienced some weird and unique things while living in South Africa - and decided to start his own blog about it, called Maple & Marula.

Phil is currently in Canada with his family. Phil joined the Scenic Drive from Canada to talk about the most unique things about South Africa.

"I miss South Africa. I definitely don't miss the load shedding. But I do miss the craziness."

"Here is no such thing as biltong in Canada. You guys even put it on pizza."

"South Africans can swear. There is one word I will not use now - but you guys are something else."

"Also why do you drink wine with ice? It's a bit weird."

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