The three types of cashiers you will meet on Black Friday
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The three types of cashiers you will meet on Black Friday

Black Friday queues can be chaotic and frustrating, but perhaps not as unpleasant as the cashiers, who are probably waiting for the stressful shopping day to be over. South African media personality Lasizwe explains it all in his YouTube video. 

black friday cashiers

We all know the feeling. You walk into a department or grocery store and you trawl through the aisles trying to find what you need. When you eventually have everything together (whether or not it was on your original list) you make your way to the tills, bracing yourself for today's interaction with the unpredictable cashiers. 

Do you have all your loyalty cards? Should you smile at them, running the risk of being given the side eye? What if the system is offline and your card is declined? Or worse: what if you have insufficient funds, and the cashier yells that so loudly that the people two tills over can hear? On Black Friday, you have to deal with all this and more. But don't despair, Lasizwe is here to show you the lighter side of a usually stressful outing to the shops. 

South African social media users have long complained about the questionable attitude of cashiers at shops such as Checkers and Shoprite, remarking on the way they treat customers almost like they are invisible. Those who prefer the people who serve them to have a certain appearance also have a lot to say about the "drawn-on eyebrows" of these cashiers. 

But, if Lasizwe's video is anything to go by, those who are privileged enough to shop at Woolworths can expect a cheerful attitude and efficient service. 

In your experience, are these stereotypes about cashiers true?

Image: Lasizwe Dambuza

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