Titanic II will set sail on maiden voyage in 2022

Titanic II will set sail on maiden voyage in 2022

Australia's Clive Palmer will finally see his dreams of building and sailing a Titanic replica in 2022.

Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire businessman and politician, has been working on his plan build a replica of the Titanic for six years. 

After weathering money troubles at the beginning of the project and having to change the launch date, Palmer has finally announced that his replica, called the Titanic II, will set sail in the year 2022

The ship Palmer is building will be an almost identical copy of the one that went down in 1912 in terms of decorations, facilities, number of decks and number of passengers. But Palmer has assured everyone that there is one crucial difference between his ship and the original Titanic: there will be enough lifeboats for everyone onboard. 

The Titanic II will also sail the same route as its predecessor, from England to New York. 

Knowing that the ship had a modern navigation system and all the requisite safety measures in place, would you book a ticket for a trip on the Titanic II?

Image: Eleftheria

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