'Trump baby' balloon takes flight over London Parliament

'Trump baby' balloon takes flight over London Parliament

The six-metre orange balloon made to resemble the President of the United States at his worst flew for two hours over Westminster Abbey. 

trump balloon
CNN/The balloon was designed to represent Trump at his worst

Londoners are not pleased about US President Donald Trump coming into England to meet with Theresa May. Soon after Trump's visit was announced, large groups of people who vocally criticise the President and his policies began organising protests. 

On the morning of 13 July, a six-metre tall balloon made in the likeness of Donald Trump was launched into the air above Westminster Abbey. The balloon is orange and holds a cellphone in one hand; this is a nod to the US President's "unnatural tan" and his incessant tweeting, two of his most recognisable character traits. 

Speaking about the intention behind the balloon, Leo Murray, who organised the balloon protest, said: "the giant balloon [has] been designed to speak to Trump in a language that he understands, which is personal insults."

The US President will not go near Westminster Abbey during his time in London, as his schedule has been designed to avoid protests, but local news outlets have reported that the news of the balloon makes him "feel unwelcome". 

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