A unique friendship that wants a better South Africa for all

A unique friendship that wants a better South Africa for all

These proudly South Africans live by their life motto: "Stop complaining, do good, work together."

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In 2005, Schalk van Heerden and Doc Mabila met when they worked together on a soccer project in Mozambique. 

Van Heerden is a teacher at the Fontainebleau Community Church and Mabila a professional soccer player. 

Mabila mentioned in an interview with Rapport that he has always been afraid of white people, especially Afrikaners. 

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When he became friends with Van Heerden, he realized that he was different. Mabila showed Van Heerden the townships and taught him how to play soccer. 

Since their meeting, they have become close friends and work together on different projects to make South Africa a better place. 

Van Heerden and Mabila started Betereinders, a non-profit nation-building organization. Betereinders works towards a better future for everyone in our country.

The duo spoke to the Scenic Drive about their friendship, their organization, and how they want to make South Africa a better place. 

"We want everyone to come together, and work together. We are not the biggest organization, but we can be a big example to others." 

They fixed potholes in front of the Jacaranda FM studio, ahead of their interview.


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