WATCH: Couple gets engaged in front of Adele

WATCH: Couple gets engaged with Adele's help

It was a special night for two Adele concert-goers when the singer helped create an unforgettable romantic moment for them.

Couple gets engaged in front of Adele
Twitter/ Adele

On Sunday 14 November, Adele held her 'One Night Only' concert at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, offering a picturesque backdrop to the wildly successful singer's hits.

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The star-studded audience members for the very special concert included Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, Gabrielle Union, Tyler Perry, James Corden, Selena Gomez, Nicole Richie, Ellen DeGeneres, Drake, Gordon Ramsay and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The most important guests for the night however was a “regular” couple that soon enough achieved their own bit of fame when the man surprised his blindfolded date with a marriage proposal on stage, as Adele watched from the shadows.

After arriving midway through, Adele helped the man ask his girlfriend to be his wife, and performed one of her most beautiful songs - 'To Make You Feel My Love' - for them. 

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Watch the sweet, unforgettable moment below:

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Adele

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