WATCH: Thembi pranks Malcolm with real mouse - and the video is hilarious!

WATCH: Thembi pranks Malcolm with real mouse - and the video is hilarious!

After going viral on social media - Thembi decided to take it a step further and pranked Malcolm with a real mouse. 

Thembi Ubisi & Malcolm Wentzel
Twitter/ Malcolm Wentzel

Thembi Ubisi and her employer Malcolm Wentzel have become internet sensations after videos showing their unique relationship went viral.

Thembi has worked for Malcolm for almost 10 years - and their relationship is stronger than ever... especially since their videos have gone viral on the internet. The duo have been flooded with positive feedback on social media.

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In an interview with the Scenic Drive, Thembi mentioned that Malcolm is very stubborn, but that he is also a very good guy and that she loves him. 

Over the weekend, the duo once again made South Africans laugh with a brand new video. 

Thembi took it one step further - and decided to prank Malcolm with a real mouse while they were having lunch. 

In the video, Thembi, Malcolm, and his wife are seen having lunch at the table and Thembi suddenly takes out a mouse and places it on the table. When Malcolm realises it's a real mouse, he jumps out of his chair and runs out while screaming for help. 

Malcolm posted the video on Twitter and said Thembi knows his biggest fear... which is a mouse. 

Watch the hilarious video below:

Good one, Thembi. Good one!

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