What makes a great Idol? Judge Randall Abrahams explains

What makes a great Idol? Judge Randall Abrahams explains

Iconic 'Idols SA' judge Randall Abrahams explains what he looks for in a singer. 

Randall Abrahams
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For the past 17 seasons, Randall Abrahams has been part of 'Idols SA'. 

The iconic judge is a man with clear convictions about what is good - as we all know. Abrahams has been part of a judging panel that has spotted some of SA's biggest singers like Heinz Winckler, Elvis Blue, and Paxton. 

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He is also known for being the "mean judge", but is he putting on an act for 'Idols SA'? That is not the case: what we see is what we get.

Abrahams said that he has always been himself since day one. He mentioned that the public vote and he can only give his insight to help contestants. 

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"We never know who people will fall in love with - some personalities are more compelling and voters still make their decisions.”

Randall Abrahams joined the Scenic Drive with Rian van Heerden to talk about 'Idols SA', contestants, and what makes someone a great Idol. 

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