This is what a R209/kg lamb chop looks like

This is what a R209/kg lamb chop looks like

Would you taste the difference between lamb chops from different retailers? We put Marcelle Gordon to the test! 

Lamb chop
Lamb chop/Supplied

Guests gather around the braai and spend the rest of the day or evening in perfect company. Does that not sound perfect?!


Of course, it does. The Scenic Drive with Rian is braai’ing today. 


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On Tuesday, 29 January, Rian wanted to establish the price of lamb chops between different retailers and the butchery. Quinton was sent on a mission to investigate exactly why lamb chops are outrageously expensive. 

However, does the taste differ? Sports presenter, Marcelle Gordon, was put to the test and she could identify the R209/kg lamb chop!


Rian tried to convince a vegan to eat a lamb chop. Did he get it right?

Take a listen: 

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