WhatsApp launches a brand new feature

WhatsApp launches a brand new feature

WhatsApp launched a brand new feature to the app - and it will need your fingerprint. 

WhatsApp on a phone / Pexels
WhatsApp on a phone / Pexels

WhatsApp announced a brand new fingerprint feature to unlock the app for Android users. 

If users choose to enable the Fingerprint lock feature they can still reply to messages from notifications and answer WhatsApp calls, because the authentication is only required when the user wants to open WhatsApp.

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The social messaging app allows users to choose when they have to authenticate their identity in order to use the app.

Users will need to update their WhatsApp version to use the Fingerprint lock feature.

Users must open WhatsApp Settings and go to Account and then Privacy. Users can find a new option called Fingerprint lock. The Fingerprint lock can be verified and enable the feature if they would like to use it. 

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