This is why you should not urinate in the shower

This is why you should not urinate in the shower

A doctor advised thousands on social media to not urinate in the shower because it could make you prone to bladder leaks.

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A doctor went viral on TikTok and social media after she advised users to not urinate in the shower because it can cause bladder leaks. 

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Doctor Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, a doctor of physical therapy, said urinating in the shower, or while the shower is running, could cause your brain to link the sound of running water with peeing.

The sound can trigger the urge to urinate and make you have an accident.

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"If you pee in the shower or turn on the faucet or turn on the shower and then sit on the toilet to pee while the water's running, you're creating an association in your brain between the sound of running water and having to pee," Jeffrey-Thomas said in a TikTok.

According to Jeffery-Thomas, the same happens when you wash the dishes or when you are swimming.

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Jeffery-Thomas recommended waiting until your shower is over and the sound of running water is off to urinate. 


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