Woman has worst morning as she is knocked into manhole

Woman has worst morning as she is knocked into manhole

A woman in Hangzhou City, China had to call for help after she was thrown off her scooter. 

a covered manhole
The manhole should have been covered./Pixabay/PublicDomainImages

In heavy rush hour traffic, commuters have to keep themselves safe while also looking out for any of the bad driving habits of the road users. On most days, everyone makes it to their destinations in one piece. 

But sometimes there is that one unfortunate commuter who finds themselves on the receiving end of all the traffic drama. 

As the woman rushed over the intersection to the opposite side of the road, a car coming from the other direction ran her over. She tumbled off her scooter and onto the pavement. Just as she tried to stand up, she rolled into the open manhole nearby. 

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It is as if all the traffic gremlins conspired to keep her from getting to where she was going!

Fortunately, people who were standing nearby and saw the incident happen rushed to pull the woman out of the manhole. Authorities were called to scene and soon declared that the woman had only suffered minor injuries. 

She was lucky this time, but this should be a reminder to all road users to remain vigilant and considerate at all times. 

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