Woman uses baby as an umbrella during downpour

Woman uses baby as an umbrella during downpour

A video showing a woman running for shelter from the rain while carrying a baby on top of her head has caused outrage online.

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Facebook/Jungle VT

A video in which a woman is seen running through the rain while holding a baby above her head has made the rounds on the internet. 
The woman, presumably the mother of the child, is using the child to cover her own face and hair in the downpour.

It does appear as if she decides to run back to her car after realising that the rain was not going to stop anytime soon. But the question remains: what was she thinking using her baby as a shield in the first place?

Reactions to the video varied from confusion to fascination:

What do you think of this woman's decision to use a toddler as an umbrella?

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