Is this the worst car salesman ever?

Is this the worst car salesman ever?

He had the most epic safety demonstration fail ever. 

car salesman

When you're trying to convince someone to buy a new car, it is very important to show them the value that it would add to their lives.

Sell the idea, the concept of the car first, and you're guaranteed to have them driving off the showroom floor. 

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This Chinese car salesman went the extra mile, and volunteered to demonstrate one of the safety features of this van. The doors have sensors, which supposedly enhance the experience of getting in and out of the car safely. 

After pointing out the sensors, the man puts his head in the door, attempting to demonstrate. 

Except that the sensors did not kick in, and he ended up having to fight to get his head out of the door! 

He did not sustain any injuries, but he probably won't be allowed out on the showroom floor anytime soon. 

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