You'll never guess what the twist is in this story about baklava

You'll never guess what the twist is in this story about baklava

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you follow a recipe, you just don't get the dessert right. 

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Desserts that include phyllo pastry are famously difficult to make. No matter how carefully you measure the ingredients or roll out the layers, sometimes you just can't make the phyllo into anything edible. It happens to the best of us. Often, the mistakes happen when you misread one small detail in the recipe.

In that case, as it was with the man in the video below, you may end up with a perfect finished product that even tastes great - but it won't look anything like it is supposed to. See how a man dedicated to baking the perfect baklava ended up making a fool of himself at work the next day in the short film below. 

It seems like just another well-lit and wholesome cooking channel demonstration until the man pulls out a gun. What on earth would he want to do with that in the kitchen?

But all is revealed when, in the next scene, the man arrives at a street corner. He brings along his prized baklava, much to the confusion of his colleagues. What on earth is he doing with a dessert when the business at hand is an armed robbery?

In that moment the viewers and the baker realise just how important it is to read all instructions carefully. It is just that easy to mix up the words "baklava" and "balaclava"!

So read everything twice, or even three times, before you do anything. You don't want to end up eating humble pie. 

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