Adele loses it while beetle attacks on stage

Adele loses it while beetle attacks on stage

Adele has been making a few funnies on stage over the last few weeks while on her tour. This time around a beetle was the cause of the singer pausing the show. 

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There's no stopping Adele, especially when it comes to her singing and filling up stadiums around the world. However, there is one tiny insect that can stop her from singing - a beetle! 

Fans could not refrain from pulling out their phones when Adele quickly stopped the show to beat off a bug that was pestering her throughout the show. In the clip, the singer can be seen sitting on stage with her shoe in her hand, cursing the beetle that was crawling around on her ankle. 

Being as paranoid as she is, she went on to try and search for the bug, looking under the stage. Let's face it, these are the golden moments you want to see at an Adele concert because we all know that anything can happen when it comes to the British superstar. 

Warning: Foul language

Are you just as afraid of insects? 

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