Ashley Hayden joins TCB one last time

Blast from the past: Ashley Hayden joins TCB one last time

Rian van Heerden's first co-host joined us earlier today. 

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As The Complimentary Breakfast comes to an end, Rian invited a few of his best guests to studio. 

With only a few days left, Rian asked his former co-host, Ashley Hayden, to join the show for one last time. Ashley joined the team on the 9th of January 2012. 

With a rich, diverse slate of expertise, Hayden was an easy fit for one of the biggest breakfast shows in the country.  Joining the show this morning she became emotional as we took a look back at some of her best moments.  

From reading in Afrikaans to being a part of a live birth on air, Ashley was there for it all! 

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