Battle of the Pawn Stars

Battle of the Pawn Stars

Roy Peretz and his partner in crime on Pawn Stars SA, Eytan Nadler join The Complimentary Breakfast in studio to show off their bargaining skills against each other and have a look at some of the valuables sent through by listeners.


Set in the heart of Johannesburg, Pawn Stars South Africa has opened its doors at the Cash Inn pawn shop to the world and has SA hooked!


Friend to The Complimentary Breakfast and shop owner Roy Peretz, and his partner on the show Eytan Nadler are known for their master haggling skills with the customers, but can they pull off getting the right price with one another?


The Complimentary Breakfast puts the two partners in crime up against each other to see if they can not only get their way with a precious item, but to test if they are on par with their thinking when it comes to settling on the right price.





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