Boere dancing to Brenda Fassie's 'Vulindlela' goes viral!

Boere dancing to Brenda Fassie's 'Vulindlela' goes viral!

We love a good video showing South Africans having a great time! 

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This video is hilarious! 

With just under one million views of Facebook, a video showing three young boere dancing to Brenda Fassie's 'Vulindlela' is all you need on this Monday morning. The amazing video was posted to Johan Coffee's Facebook and quickly started to rack up the views. 

There's no doubt that Brenda Fassie's music is some of the best produced in South Africa over the last few decades. With many hits, a loyal fan base, even years after her death, her music still unites many South Africans. 

With South Africa currently facing many issues, there's no doubt that a video like this has achieved so much success. Not only is their dancing hilarious, but it shows how great South Africans really are. 

Lekker, man! 

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