Brave waitress drags giant lizard out restaurant by tail

Brave waitress drags giant lizard out of restaurant by its tail!

A video has been shared showing a fearless waitress dragging a giant lizard out of a restaurant by its tail. Customers can be seen standing on their chairs, shouting at the lizard.

lizard dragging

In terms of wildlife in a restaurant, the most one could expect to see is an insect or two, possibly a bird? Well, not in Australia!

Imagine having a meal and suddenly a large lizard happens to stroll in asking for some food?  

It appeared that the lizard had accidentally wandered onto the terrace of Mimosa Wines restaurant in New South Wales, Australia. One woman can be heard screaming as the lizard approaches

So far the video has been viewed more than 500, 000 times. But why?

Well, apart from the lizard being an unusual restaurant patron, a brave waitress was having none of its presence - and took it on.

Take a look:

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