Bulls vs. Sharks! MalJan takes a dangerous swim with sharks

Bulls vs. Sharks! MalJan takes a dangerous swim with sharks

Cue the 'Jaws' music and bring on the nerves! That's the case with today's MalJan stunt. Ahead of tomorrow's Bulls vs. Sharks rugby match, we decided to predertermine the result of the match in our own way. We sent MalJan to the Pretoria Zoo to take a dive with their two Ragged-Tooth sharks - in a Blue Bulls rugby jersey.

Maljan swims with sharks

He really has done it all. However, this time around, he took it to a whole new level. MalJan faced his fears and entered the tank of Pretoria Zoo's two Ragged-Tooth sharks. 

We like your diving gear, MalJan!

maljan shark dive

Dressed in his Geko Divers gear, MalJan was ready to enter the tank!

In true Complimentary Breakfast style, we tasked MalJan to get in the tank wearing a Blue Bulls jersey. What would be the ball for this rugby match, you may ask? Well, of course a rugby ball would float, so it had to be a fish. Yes, tempting the sharks in their own environment with their primary diet is never a good thing.

So, who do you think would be the winner of the match in this case? We feel for you Maljan, we really do!

MalJan entered the shark tank, attempting to win the match!

Thanks so much to Geko Divers as well as the Pretoria Zoo for all their help. You guys are awesome!

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