Carousel collapses at Cresta Shopping Centre, injures children

Carousel collapses at Cresta Shopping Centre, injures children

Dramatic footage has surfaced showing a children's carousel ride in Cresta Shopping Centre collapsing over the weekend. A few children sustained injuries after the incident took place. 

cresta ride collapse

The incident took place on Saturday, while four children were on the ride. What appears to be the head on the ride can be seen detaching from the base and falling to the ground. 

Cresta responded to the incident and they stated that their offered assistance immediately after. 

"We can confidently report that all four children were rushed to the medical suite for professional evaluation following the incident and none of them sustained any injuries," the statement read, which also ensured the arcade area would be closed indefinitely pending an investigation into the cause of the accident.

On Tuesday however, Cresta management sent out an update and confirmed that at least one child had suffered a sprained ankle. Investigations are still under way as to the cause of the accident: 

31th JANUARY 2017: Following an incident that took place on Saturday 28th January at Route 66 located in Cresta Shopping Centre’s entertainment court when the carousel broke down mid-ride and collapsed with four children on board, Cresta Shopping Centre Management can report that we have been in contact with the parents of the affected children, the owner of the carousel (Route 66) and independent parties in order to provide support and assistance, ascertain the cause of the incident and determine resolve for all concerned.

We empathise with the parents and shoppers who have had the unfortunate experience of this incident. We have been making contact with the parents, as we can sympathise with how traumatic the experience must have been for them and their children. 

Following the medical assessments conducted at HealthWorx on Saturday, 28th January, no injuries were reported. We did however reach out to the parents, whose details we obtained at the scene of the incident and one via Facebook to offer our support. 

After 4pm on Sunday, 29th January, one parent informed us via SMS that following a second assessment of her child by their family doctor, her child did sustain a sprained ankle. During a follow-up call to another parent on Monday, 30th January, she reported that she was currently waiting in the doctors rooms to have her child assessed again.  Whilst we are following up with her as to the outcome of the visit we haven’t been able to reach her.

We continue to reach out to the parents, not only to keep them updated in terms of the investigation, but also to extend support and assistance related to this matter. 
Investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the incident. Following a meeting with Mr SP Guerreiro, the owner of Route 66, Centre Management can confirm that an independent engineer has been hired to inspect the machinery and ascertain the cause of the collapse. Assessments began on Monday 30th January and are still underway. 

The safety of our shoppers remains a high priority and of utmost importance to us; as a result, Route 66, which includes the bowling area, carousel and arcade games has been closed off indefinitely. 

Whilst Cresta is open to communication, any questions related to the safety of the equipment and its operation is something that Cresta cannot answer on behalf of the tenant and as such needs to be raised with Mr Guerreiro. 

In our lease agreement every tenant operating on our premises undertakes to comply with all the laws, by-laws and regulations pertaining to safe trading.
The ongoing independent investigation will therefore look at whether safety and compliance guidelines have been met. 

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