Getting to know Helen Zille: 10 things you did not know

Getting to know Helen Zille: 10 things you did not know

It's not everyday you get to ask former DA leader, Helen Zille some of the randomest questions, in order to get to know the real Helen. We asked, and she answered. Get to know Helen Zille like never before.

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Helen Zille has been at the forefront of South African politics for many years and many have grown to love her and hate her at the same time. 

Former DA leader, Helen Zille’s autobiography is a political bombshell that reveals the dirty tricks in the official opposition and the disastrous campaign to recruit academic Mamphela Ramphele as the party’s presidential candidate.

The book, titled, Not Without A Fight is currently at all bookstores, nationwide. 

Naturally, we were all very inquisitive and so we had to ask Helen Zille a few questions that we had been burning to ask. From speaking about her favourite music, her ultimate holiday destination to even spilling the beans on her perfect first date, Zille held nothing back when answering. 

Oh, and how could we not, we had to ask about her style! 

Over the years, Helen Zille had also experienced many moments with President Jacob Zuma. One of these was the first time she was invited to a braai with Zuma. She shared this experience with us.  

To watch the full interview on The Complimentary Breakfast with Helen Zille, see below:

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