Harrowing moment dashcam captures 'BANG' outside Manchester Arena

Harrowing moment dashcam captures 'BANG' outside Manchester Arena

This incredibly scary footage has sent chills down our spines! 

dashcam-e1495501074503 bomb footage

The world is crying after the recent Manchester Arena bombing, just moments after an Ariana Grande concert. 

There were scenes of panic as Grande's audience of youthful fans fled the 21,000-capacity venue after what eyewitnesses described as a "huge bomb-like bang" in the foyer area at the end of the concert.

A fleet of ambulances was seen rushing to the venue and bomb disposal teams were dispatched soon after, as city residents opened up their doors to stranded concert-goers after train services were shut down.

Now, dashcam footage has emerged showing a big flash of light from inside the arena, followed by a loud 'bang' noise. The footage was captured and posted to social media. Twitter user Gregory, who uploaded the short clip from his car's dashcam which was parked outside the arena, wrote: “If you look towards the left you see the explosion and hear the bang.

The flash of light from the explosion can be seen more towards the left of the video. Focus on the smaller building on the left-hand side. 

Watch the intense footage below:

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