Heartbreaking footage shows owners abandoning their dog

Heartbreaking footage shows owners abandoning their dog

Why not just take the dog to the animal shelter instead? 

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In a video posted to Facebook by Henno Reyneke, a family can be seen dropping their dog off in a street in Weltervreden Park, Johannesburg.

CCTV footage has managed to capture the moment a family abandon their pet dog on the street and drive off. 

In the video the vehicle can be seen reversing into a parking, ready to drive off. The vehicle stops and two children step out and one of them can be seen holding the dog. The child walks over to the grass patch and drops the dog off. 

Seconds later the boy rushes back to the vehicle, gets in and the vehicle immediately drives off. The dog tries to run after the vehicle but quickly realises that it's no use. 

What kind of people do such things? Worst of all is that children are seen doing this. What kind of an example are these parents setting for their children at such a young age? 

Watch the heartbreaking footage below:

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