How To Make The Perfect Omelette: Chef Style

How To Make The Perfect Omelette: Chef Style

Have you ever wanted to be a chef for a day and prepare the best omelette ever? This is exactly what we are doing. Michelin Star Award winning Chef, Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen shares his recipe on how to make the perfect omelette.


Jan- Hendrik is a multi skilled South African born Chef, now living in France. He recently became the only South African to receive a Michelin Star Award. He is the owner of restaurant JAN in Nice France. 

With Valentines day fast approaching, we asked Jan-Hendrik to teach us how to prepare something perfectly. He taught Rian how to prepare the world's most perfect omelette. 

All the information you need is below:


3 eggs

30ml cream

A pinch of salt and pepper

50g butter (room temperature)

30g cream cheese

10g chives (finely chopped)

1kg cooked beetroot (chopped)

40g smoked salmon

One handful of rocket leaves


A standard non stick frying pan

A bowl


Egg Lifter


Mix the eggs, cream , salt and chives in a bowl with a fork. Heat your pan on high for two to three minutes. Put your butter in and spread over the entire pan.

NOW YOU NEED TO BE QUICK! Place your egg mixture in the pan and spread out across the entire pan. 

Lift the pan up and use your egg-lifter to spread the egg mixture over the pan. Make sure that you loosen the sides with your egg lifter.

Preparation Methods:

Fold the furthest section of the omelette over towards your body. Then fold the closest third side of the omelette away from your body.

Spread the cream cheese on the middle of the omelette. Pack the beetroot, salami and rocket on top of your omelette and sprinkle the pepper over. Then fold the last side over and tip the omelette over.

Rian attempted to make the omelette this morning. Uhm, let's just say that it never came out as we thought it would. 

pic 199

Take a listen to what happened on air this morning:

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