How much does Rian van Heerden spend on a date?

How much does Rian van Heerden spend on a date?

Rian is living the life and having dates in Mexico. It must be nice! 

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Rian van Heerden has been around for some time and, clearly, been on quite a few dates as well. 

Earlier this morning we were joined by a lady who, to date, has been on 134 dates. Even though she had the exhausting task of having to go on more than a hundred dates, she finally found the right one. 

Rian, on the other hand, seems to be living the life when it comes to dating. While being in Mexico, van Heerden revealed how much he spent on a date. 

Take a listen. 

Katrina joined us on the show and reflected on what she was looking for in the perfect partner, how long it took her to find her partner and what it was like going on 134 dates.  

Is there a lack of decent people in South Africa that are date-worthy? We posed the question and you had a lot to say on the topic. Take a listen to what a few listeners shared on the topic. 

Our Facebook community also shared their thoughts on the topic.

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