Intern Carl's Playboy Easter bunny surprise!

Intern Carl's Playboy Easter bunny surprise!

What do you do when your intern gets the brief completely wrong?! Well, you go with it of course! 

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We're all feeling the Easter celebrations and more so, the long weekend that awaits. 

To celebrate this, we thought it would be a great idea to send intern Carl out, dressed up as the Easter bunny. However, something went completely wrong and it's not what we expected. It was a simple brief. All he had to do was dress up as a bunny and head out to the intersection and hand out some tasty Easter eggs

As you can see, this did not go as planned. Intern Carl got the brief completely wrong and rocked up dressed as a Playboy bunny. 

Okay! Maybe we liked it a little... 

Listen to the hilarious moemnt. 

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