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MalJan livin' la vida loca in Livingstone

Rian's plan to have The Complimentary Breakfast stunt guy left stranded in Zambia backfires as Livingstone welcomes MalJan with arms wide open and leaves him with no desire to return...


On Thursday Phillip Strydom, a truck driver from Enroute Transport, accepted Rian’s offer to have MalJan, The Complimentary Breakfast' stunt guy, accompany him on his upcoming truck trek through Africa.


The catch?


MalJan was expected to keep Phillip entertained. However after touching base with the travelling duo over the weekend, it was clear that not all was well in paradise as Phillip seemed to be getting more annoyance than amusement out of MalJan.


Yesterday The Complimentary Breakfast received a frantic phone call from MalJan who had "been abandoned" in Zambia by his travel buddy. Today Rian had to admit defeat as his plan to have Phillip leave MalJan in Livingstone backfired. Turns out he's having the time of his life and has no intention to return any time soon...

Will he be making an appearance on Thursday???

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