MalJan vs 150 Mouse Traps!

MalJan vs 150 Mouse Traps!

MalJan is always up for a new challenge, however, this one involved 150 mouse traps that were ready to fire. The mission was to figure out if MalJan and his efforts would make him feel more like a man. 

mal 11

Who would ever have thought rolling through a few mouse traps would be painful? How about 150 mouse traps all ready and fired up, just waiting for some meat? This was the task set out by one of our listeners, Peter Lucey. 

The eager beaver or mouse in this case, MalJan, was ready to dash through the gauntlet and claim his prize. No, not cheese, but to dodge 150 mouse traps. Of course, as you know, every step of the way was captured from start to finish. As for MalJan, I think he has a new found respect for the small rodent who faces these little snappers of death on a daily basis.

We are proud of you MalJan! At least you can say that your level of manhood has increased.


Below are some images of MalJan's journey across the gauntlet of mouse traps as well as a video:

mal 22

Mal 33

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