Man uses his hand as a fake gun to rob a shop

Man uses his hand as a fake gun to rob a shop

CCTV footage has captured a man attempting to use his hand a fake gun in order to rob a shop. The man entered the shop demanding money from the cashiers. 

hand gun robbery

This could possibly be the world's most ridiculous robbery. A man, dressed in a hat, shirt and shorts walked into a store demanding money from the two cashiers. 

The man can be seen holding his hand under his shirt, asking for the money. The man had waited for a customer to leave the store before demanding the money and can be heard saying "take out the cash and put it there now". 

One employee flees and runs for safety while the other stands with his hands in the air, while the man points at him. The suspect dashed with hundreds of pounds in what many are saying could the most ridiculous robbery caught on camera.  

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