Meet the woman, 39, who has has 38 children

Meet the woman, 39, who has has 38 children

In this economic climate, we don't know how this woman has managed to raise so many children.

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This is completely unheard of! 

Most families have an average of two or three children, but 38?! 

Mariam Nabatanzi, a 39-year-old woman from the Kabimbiri village in Uganda, has been dubbed “the most fertile woman” after she has been reported to have 38 children, all from the same man.

The woman has 38 children, including four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and twins aged between five months and 23 years old. We are sure you are gasping by now, but this is a true story. She was married off when she was 13 and had 44 children in total, but due to certain circumstances, she lost six.

Joy Doreen BIIRA‏ on Twitter said Nabatanzi’s first births were four pairs of twins. She then went to the doctors worried that her fertility would kill her. However, doctors could not help her.

We are absolutely amazed at how strong this woman is and all her children are healthy. 

Don't believe it? Well, watch the video below:

Nowadays, what is an acceptable number of children to have? 

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