Listen: Adriaan Vlok apologises to Mbeki family, says Moeletsi should be president

In a surprise move during The Complimentary Breakfast, apartheid-era Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok apologised to Moeletsi Mbeki for his role in the death and disappearance of Mbeki family members. 

Adriaan Vlok
News 24

Once a towering force of intimidation during the apartheid era as Minister of Law and Order, you'll nowadays find Adriaan Vlok distributing food parcels and doing other charitable deeds helping children and vulnerable people in need in some of Pretoria's townships. 

During The Complimentary Breakfast, Vlok took the opportunity to call in and interact with show guest Moeletsi Mbeki - Political Economist and Deputy Chairman of the South African Institute of International Affairs: "I have the highest respect for the Mbeki family. It’s only a pity that this one is not prepared to become president of our country, maybe we can convince him later! On a daily basis, I have for the past nearly ten years, I am on the ground level working, seeing and connecting with people in the townships and all over the place and I’ve never experienced any racial problems there. But there are certain worrying signs that are coming to the fore at the moment; we have this incident that is worrying me and if we are not going to deal with it, then it may lead to a serious racial problem in our country."

Vlok went on to make a rather surprising gesture to Mbeki, who is also the brother of Former President Thabo Mbeki: "Rian, please get me Mr Mbeki’s phone number because we have some unfinished business and I was responsible for hurting him and his family in the past and I want to see him, I want to visit him, I want to speak with him. Because if we deal with it in this way, we can prevent any racial problems."

Listen: to the full conversation to see how Mbeki responds

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