Moms reaction to daughter catching her taking a selfie is hilarious!

Daughter snaps up best moment from selfie crazy mom

Social media has made us all self-aware when it comes to snapping and perfecting the ultimate photo. For one mother, she was caught in the act and it's hilarious.

mother caught taking a selfie

Twitter user Itati Lopez took to social media to share the moment she captured her mother attempting to snap a few selfies. Of course thousands would want to see that, right? 

To date, her tweet has received over 15,000 retweets and shared across many different platforms. In the video Lopez' mother can be seen staring into the lens of the camera, wearing shades and holding up a peace sign with her fingers. The moment Lopez shouted at her mom, her mother gets the biggest fright of her life.

This moment really is priceless.

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