Our greatest love story never told needs the perfect girl!

Our greatest love story never told needs the perfect girl!

We're totally serious about creating the greatest love story never told. Just yesterday we asked you to help us decide on the perfect guy from the four options. Now, we need a girl to match up to one of our fine young lads. Who will it be? 

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Yesterday we asked you to help us decide on who would be the perfect fit to be our male lead in the greatest love story never told. There was no doubt who you fancied the most - James! 

The hot IT Programmer and barista took the lead with the most votes and with that said, he is our guy! 

Now, as any love story would need, we need your help on deciding which character should be our leading lady. 

Anya – The Bosslady with a pet snake.

Relationship status: RECENTLY DIVORCED

Anya is a ball-buster at work. She works in an all-male environment (corporate management), and she feels compelled to be hard and often bitchy. She’s highly educated and uses her intellect to intimidate. 

But when she gets home after a 16 hour day, she likes to binge watch stand-up comedy and feed crickets to her pet snake, Roxy. On weekends she hogs the mike at The Colony Arms on Kareoke Nights and does a kick-ass Debbie Harry!

Sandy – The working-class heroine and single mom

Relationship status: FRESHLY DUMPED

Sandy is a sweetheart when you can get her to stop for one minute. She works 9 – 5 in HR at City of Joburg trying to keep people from striking, while studying Occupational Therapy part time.  She’s also a single mom to a very busy 5-year old boy. 

For recreation, she likes Rooftop Salsa dancing and kickboxing… she’s fit, but if you cross her, she’ll kick your ass.

Thembi – The Receptionist/Aspiring Erotic novelist / Fashionista.

Relationship status: SINGLE

Thembi finds it hard to describe herself as just ONE thing. She works as a receptionist on the switchboard of a prominent bank – can’t say which one, but it’s red. While maintaining an excellent rapor with customers (read making conversation with everyone who calls), she devotes herself to writing her erotic novel. Now you know why sometimes the phone just rings. But it’s all in the name of literature, so chill.

She also has a fashion blog with at least 400 followers, and a fashionista with a following must maintain the highest of standards. 50% of her workday is therefore spent tending to her nails, hair and googling trends.

Obviously she hangs out at Pata Pata in Maboneng. Whenever she can - which is every day and all day on weekends.

Louisa - the medical supplies sales rep – with sizzle.

Relationship status: In an open marriage. OPEN is the key word.

Louisa works from her car and crosses Joburg daily. She’s a sales rep by day, because she loves people and she can sell sand to a Khoi-san in the heart of the Namib. She’s full of life, fun and always up for a party any time of the day or night. Her best skill is recovering from hangovers. She loves live bands, adventure sports and holds the record for the most jumps off the Skybar. Some even sober! She has YOLO tattooed on her left bosom! 

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