Power Couple SA finalists renew their vows live on TCB!

This morning we were joined by the two remaining Power Couple South Africa finalists. Emile and Razia as well as Dyl and Vix were unexpectedly put to the test. We challenged them to renew their wedding vows live on air.


Johannesburg couple Emile(35) and Razia(34) have been together for 15 years and married for 9. They both share a passion for fashion which is also their careers and they have three lovely daughters. Emile and Razia are devout Christians. They entered the Power Couple show was to have some alone time and the possible prize money was only a secondary factor. 

With all the couples having said that the show has only brought them closer together and have made them love eachother even more we decided to put this to the test. Ds. Janlu Kuyler from the NG Church Moreleta park has been spending the morning surprising the couples by putting them on the spot and asking them to renew their vows right there and then. We found out if this power couple was up for the challenge.

power 1

power 2

power 3

Emile and Razia were put on the spot and had to renew their vows on air:

Dyllan Smith(36) and Viki van den Barselaar-Smith(34) are a couple from Salt rock KZN. They have been married for 6 years and together for 18 years. These two are highschool sweethearts with 2 children a boy and a girl. We surprised them this morning with Ds. Janlu Kuyler from the NG Church Moreleta who came into studio and gave them the opportunity to renew their vows to each other.

power 4

power 5

power 6

Take a listen to what happened on air when they had to renew their vows live on air:

Thank you so much to Pastor Janlu Kuyler from the NG Church, Moreleta Park as well as Jolize from Isabellas in South Downs for the amazing wedding cake.

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