PRANKED: DJ Shorty pranks prankster, Tol Ass Mo!

PRANKED: DJ Shorty pranks prankster, Tol Ass Mo!

Comedian and prankster, Tol Ass Mo came to visit us in studio, however, we had some fun and pranked the prankster himself. 

Tol Ass Mo

As the Presenter for MTV’s new prank show #YouGotGot Tall Ass Mo has been going around with his friends and pranking unsuspecting South Africans all around the country. We decided it was time to pull a fast one on the prankster 


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Our good friend and show “Little person” Lodie has jumped in as the presenter of the breakfast show earlier this morning. Known as Dj Shorty, we took Mo in for the interview with this short dj of ours. Dj shorty is not very impressed with the fact that Mo calls himself Tall and asks him what he has against short people. Not impressed with Tol Ass Mo, he gives a brief and very awkward interview, we find out if he catches on to anything.

Team pic

Take a look at what happened this morning:

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