Rian van Heerden to hang up his headphones at Jacaranda FM

Rian van Heerden to hang up his headphones at Jacaranda FM

The Complimentary Breakfast's Rian van Heerden will be bidding Jacaranda FM farewell. Rian does promise that this will be the best year in radio.

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Johannesburg, Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jacaranda FM’s Rian Van Heerden apologises in advance…

Rian van Heerden, host of Jacaranda FM’s Complimentary Breakfast has announced that, after creating the best year in radio, he will be hanging up his earphones at Jacaranda FM. 

Apologising in advance, Rian confirmed that the year ahead would be his finest year of radio, as he will be fulfilling his radio bucket list. 

Van Heerden said, "I apologise in advance for the tears, laughter and for pushing your buttons as I share with Jacaranda FM's beloved listeners everything I have dreamed of doing. Radio is about a deep connection and I have always used my platform on Jacaranda FM to create the most meaningful content. In the months to come I plan as a start to have a marathon party weekend, to broadcast from exotic locations around Africa and to provide complimentary breakfast experiences in traffic”.

General Manager for Jacaranda FM, Kevin Fine said, “Rian is an incredible talent, someone who can tell a story and inspire all sorts of emotions. Over the next months, Rian will be sure to leave a legacy he will be proud of. Our listeners are in for an amazing treat and this will be the best listening experience”.

Jacaranda FM has not made any decisions regarding Rian’s replacement. More details regarding Rian’s Radio Bucket List will be revealed on air. 


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