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Rian is well on his way to completing his bucket list!

Over the last few months Rian has been gearing up for his big departure from Jacaranda FM. However, he is not leaving without making a big impact. He has set himself a bucket list that he has already been hard at work on.

image of rian in Jacs

For a man who has almost pretty much done it all, Rian set out a list of things he would like to achieve before his departure from Jacaranda FM. 

Over the last few months he and The Complimentary Breakfast team have been hard at work, slowly but surely, ticking off the items on the list. Rian's list consists of things such as him wanting to make a huge difference to someone's life to being able to broadcast his show from an exotic location.

rian bucket list

It all started when we gave one listener the unforgettable experience to drive in a Lamborghini Spyder. This was one item on Rian's bucket list that was a must - to make someone else's bucket list entry come true. 

If that wasn't enough, Rian also wanted to learn how to cook one dish perfectly. This was not going to be an easy task, because Rian is not the biggest talent in the kitchen. However, he headed to the Michelangelo hotel in Sandton, threw on his apron and started cooking. 

One of the most incredible bucket list entries that Rian has achieved was when he changed burn survivor Sean Smith's life with an incredible donation drive live on air. This was one morning we will all never forget! 

We then gave Rian the opportunity to party it up at 30 different parties - all in one weekend! It was all about the #JacaPartyMarathon and Rian was the star! 

Who would ever have thought that Rian could help save a town? Well, that is exactly what he has set his mind to. Even though helping a whole town takes time, we have surely started making big leaps. Mining town, Pilgrim's Rest, is really in need of a lot of help and Rian and the team have set their minds to helping this town. 

There are still a few items to go as many have already been completed. Rian has also already changed the lives of a family by bringing them together for Christmas. 

christmas family 1

christmas lunch 2

As time passes by we'll be updating you with more great bucket list items that Rian will be completing. 

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