Shocking footage shows moment Porche crashes on highway in Greece

Shocking footage shows moment Porsche crashes on highway in Greece

The son of a Greek millionaire supermarket chain owner has died in a horror crash when he lost control of his Porsche, killing four people. 

porsche horror accident

The horrific accident has taken the internet by storm showing the Porsche crashing into not only a building, but a mother and child sitting in a vehicle as well. In total, four people were killed.

The footage, which has been shared across social platforms, shows the powerful car skidding at high speed towards a building along a motorway between Athens and Delphi in Greece. The driver, Iorgos Vakakis was the son of a Greek millionaire. Iorgos and his passenger were killed instantly as were the 33-year-old mother and her child.

Warning: Graphic content. 

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