Smooth crooner, Penny Penny sweeps his wife off her feet on Valentine's Day

Crooner Penny Penny sweeps wife off her feet on Valentine's Day

He is the star of one of the highest-rated reality shows on Mzansi Magic and for all the right reasons. He is charming, quirky, unique, and very charismatic when it comes to the ladies!

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The former Clash of the Choirs choirmaster is now the star of his own reality television series, called 'Penny Penny Ahee'. The show is centered around his life, family, music, and culture. 

Penny's in-your-face attitude and eccentric synth-pop style turned him into a 1990s phenomenon. His flamboyant dress sense, hip-twisting moves, and notorious polygamous lifestyle has kept him at the top and as the talk of the town. 

We managed to dig up this clip of him spoiling his wife on Valentine's Day. He went to a lot of effort, and even proceeded to physically feed her during their meal. Pap, chicken, mince, and Fanta grape is what you can expect when on a Valentine's Day date with Papa Penny. 

After watching his television show, this is just one example of the type of content you can expect on the show: 

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