Two eighty-year-old ladies take MalJan on a heart-racing ride!

Two eighty-year-old ladies take MalJan on a heart-racing ride in a race car!

There is no doubt that speed is an exhilarating feeling and of course, dangerous. What happens when you give the keys of a really fast car to two elderly ladies and allow them to take a few spins on the track? Well, you throw in MalJan of course. Yip, we risked our very own MalJan to take a spin with two elderly ladies in their eighties.

Maljan takes a scary ride with the elderly

Last week we asked you, our listeners, to identify the coolest grannies out there and to let us know why you think you have the coolest and hippest grandma. 

After hundreds of voice notes, explaining why your grannies are the best, we found two that were perfect. Tannie Joey (84) and Tannie Tokkie (86) have been friends for many years. 

Well in their eighties, they still enjoy getting together during the week to have a breakfast and chill with the casual glass of wine. If that does not make them hip and cool, these two have even gone skydiving to celebrate a birthday a few years ago. So, in true Complimentary Breakfast style, we sent them off to Rock Raceway in Brakpan to train with Tim Stefhens on how to drive the super fast race cars.

MalJan and the elderly

The ladies were up for the challenge and had an amazing time. As for MalJan, let's just say he was REALLY nervous!

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