Unbelievable moment woman catches snake with pillow case

Unbelievable moment woman catches snake with pillow case

This is definitely not the type of surprise you want waiting for you as you get home... 

woman catches snake with pillow case

It's not everyday that you come home and find a large snake lying in your lounge. More so, it's not everyday that you find someone who is brave enough to catch it. 

A woman has gone viral on social media after being filmed catching a large black snake with a simple pillow case. Crazy, right?!

After being out all day, the woman arrived back at home only to find a serpent waiting for her. In the video you can see the woman cower over the snake with her pillow case, and suddenly grabs home of the snake's head. She carries it outside and starts to measure the snake. 

It's hard not to share SunShine McCurry's excitement as she carries the enormous beast outside to release him. Using the very scientific method of measuring the snake by the size of her own feet, McCurry determines the snake to be approximately 5- to 6-feet long. She literally captured a human-sized snake. 

McCurry proudly comments in the video, "We caught another snake!" So, apparently this is a common occurrence where she lives, which confirms what McCurry says at the end to be true. 

Talk about being brave! Sjoe! 

Are you brave enough to catch a snake with your hands? 

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