WATCH: Steve Grand Performs 'I Will Survive' in Studio

Steve Grand performs 'I Will Survive' in studio

American Country music star, Steve Grand is our guest this morning. His country hit, 'All American Boy' is a fan favourite with many. Steve shocked audiences with his video when it was released. Watch the video and see exactly why the video went viral and shook the country industry. 

Steve Grand

With Over 10 Million views on YouTube and a #3 Album on the Billboard Independent Album Artist Chart, Steve Grand joins us live in studio this morning. In 2013 Steve created an internet storm with his song “All American Boy” which tells a story of unrequited love between two men.

Watch Steve Grands video for All America Boy below:

Steve Grand was a great sport this morning when, after asking him to do a cover version of a popular song, Steve agreed to perform. We asked Steve if he would perform the song 'I Will Survive' in hos own style and flavour. 

What a great performnace! Watch below: 

Steve Grand also spoke to Rian about his sexuality and how he dealt with the labels and stereotypes.

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